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Anapests: An anapest is a metrical foot consisting of two unaccented syllables and one accented syllable.
Posted by Douglas, Sep 13, 2010.


Posted by Douglas, Sep 13, 2010.
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An anapest is similar to an iamb, but instead of one unstressed and one stressed syllable, an anapest is two unaccented syllables followed one accented syllable. Writing which is anapestic consists of a sequence of anapests. Here are some examples of anapestic sentences; the accented syllables are written in capital letters. Notice that there are two unaccented syllables preceding each accented syllable.

it's a WONderful LIFE!
it's eLEVen o'CLOCK, and all's WELL with the WORLD.
there's a BULL in the CHIna shop CRASHing aROUND.
i don't LIKE to be WRONG but it HAPpens someTIMES.

For anapestic writing, the feeling is almost like a waltz...three beats, and every third beat is accented. So cue up some Strauss and start composing!

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