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The Chicago Manual of Style: The Chicago Manaul of Style: this reference manual for writers and proofreaders has information on style, grammar, and more
Posted by Douglas, Sep 15, 2010.

The Chicago Manual of Style

Posted by Douglas, Sep 15, 2010.
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If you're looking for a small style reference book that will fit easily on your shelf, you'll want to consider The Elements of Style (Strunk & White). But if you want something more detailed, something to add a little more weight to your bookshelves, The Chicago Manual of Style is the book you want.

This Style manual is on its 16th edition, and has been around since 1906. Each edition contains more information than the previous, bringing the current edition to over 1000 pages of reference on style, grammar, and proofreading. Information on capitalization, the use of italics, quotations, spelling, punctuation, footnotes and much more is included within its pages.

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