The Basics for Writers

Writing basics - articles for writers about grammar, parts of speech, punctuation usage, and word usage.

Writing Basics: Articles About Writing

The following are articles about writing, written by administrators and moderators at Fifteen Minutes of Fiction.

         Writing Basics
               Word Usage
Some articles contained in sub-folders of articles/writing_basics:
Action Verbs
Direct Objects
Indirect Objects
It's vs. Its
Linking Verbs
Objects of a Preposition
Parts of Speech
Personal Pronoun Cases
The Apostrophe
There, Their, and They're
Transitive Verbs
If you have a specific topic you would like to have covered in an article, please drop a note to the site administrator.

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Every writer needs to have a good foundation in the basics; if you write with bad grammar, bad spelling, or incorrectly used punctuation, no one will bother to read your writing. Learn the parts of speech and learn how to use them. Learn about apostrophes, semi-colons and commas, and finally, take some time to learn about those pesky words that confuse so many people - words like its and it's!

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