Grammar Rules and Resources

Grammar rules - information for writers about parts of speech, tenses, sentence structure and more.

Grammar Rules

The following are articles about writing, written by administrators and moderators at Fifteen Minutes of Fiction.

         Writing Basics
               Word Usage
Action Verbs
Direct Objects
Indirect Objects
Linking Verbs
Objects of a Preposition
Parts of Speech
Personal Pronoun Cases
Transitive Verbs
If you have a specific topic you would like to have covered in an article, please drop a note to the site administrator.

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Grammar is often neglected by students, parents, and many times - sadly - by teachers as well. Our society has developed a mentality where even English teachers may be heard saying "As long as you can understand it, why does it matter?" But proper grammar does matter. Clarity is lost when grammar is lost, and students who don't take time to learn the rules of proper writing and speaking will learn - too late - that their job options are severely limited by their inability to communicate.

This section of the articles site contains information about parts of speech, verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, and other details of grammatical constructions.

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