Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction, answered by Doug in Fiften Minutes or less.


Frequently Asked Questions

On these pages, Doug attempts to answer some of the most commonly asked questions on the Fifteen Minutes of Fiction website. Prepare to be astounded, because even though Doug's answers aren't fiction, he will attempt to write them in fifteen minutes or less!

Can I be a member even if I'm not a writer?
Can I let my students login using my account?
Can I upload a profile picture for my member page?
Can I write posts for old writing prompts?
Do I have to take 15 minutes for each post?
Does my writing have to be fiction?
How are writers ranked on the Writers page?
How Do I Add Writers to my Reading List?
How do I get my writing in the Featured Gallery?
How do I get people to read what I wrote?
I can't find an option to make my writing public.
Is Fan Fic (Fan Fiction) allowed on this site?
What are stars? How are they used?
What Is A Clunky Rhyme?
What is my neighborhood?
What kinds of writing are forbidden?
Why am I blocked from posting comments?
Why are there two versions of the Membership Agreement?
Why can't I award stars to a post?
Why can't I post hyperlinks?
Why is the site called 'Fifteen Minutes of Fiction'?
Why isn't my email address changing?
Why isn't my writing featured?

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