How Do I Add Writers to my Reading List?

Instructions for adding other writers to your reading list, so their writings appear on your Neighbor page.
Posted by Douglas, Apr 27, 2008


How Do I Add Writers to my Reading List?

Posted by Douglas, Apr 27, 2008
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As you spend time on the site you will discover that there are some authors whose writings you really enjoy. You can add these authors to your Reading List, so you will be notified when they post something new on the site.

There are two ways you can add another writer to your Reading List.

Method #1: When you read a piece of writing by an author, at the bottom of the post you should find a link titled "Add writer to my reading list." Just click on this link to add the writer.

Method #2: Click on the author's name or icon (the picture that appears at the top of their writing). This will take you to the author's profile page. At the top of the profile page, next to the author's icon you will see a link titled "Neighbor Options". When you click this you will see a variety of options, one of which is "Include this member in my reading list." Select that option, then click "Submit."

Once you've done either Method #1 or Method #2, new posts by the authors you have selected will appear under your "My Neighbors" page, or in the sidebar on the right.

Posted by Douglas, Apr 27, 2008

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