What kinds of writing are forbidden?

Some types of writing are not allowed on the site. Write squeaky clean stories and poems!
Posted by Douglas, Sep 19, 2007


What kinds of writing are forbidden?

Posted by Douglas, Sep 19, 2007
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There's a very simple principle that you should follow when posting to this site. When you write something, ask yourself: Would a teacher feel comfortable reading this to a classroom of elementary age students?

Thus, horror, profanity, and sexually explicit items are all forbidden.

If you attempt to post such items on the site, the administrator will be notified, and your entire account - including all your writings - may be permanently and irrevocably deleted from the site.

While we are delighted to have a wide variety of writers on the site, evey writer who posts inappropriate content risks the entire site being banned from school networks, and no one member on this site is worth that.

If you feel the need to post content which is not appropriate for all ages, there are other writing sites out there - which don't cater to children - that you may wish to join instead.

Posted by Douglas, Sep 19, 2007

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