What is my neighborhood?

The Neighborhood, or Writing Neighborhood, is a group of people who can view and comment on your posts
Posted by Douglas, Sep 19, 2007


What is my neighborhood?

Posted by Douglas, Sep 19, 2007
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Your neighbors are the people you have added to your reading list. When you visit the "My Neighbors" section of the site, recent writings by these members will be displayed for you to read. Adding people to your reading list makes it easy for you to find writings by the people you enjoy the most, without having to jump all over the site looking for their writings.

You can also use the "My Neighbors" section of the site to control other options. For example, you can add a neighbor to your "trusted" list. When a "trusted" member posts a comment about you or your writings, it appears immediately on the site; you don't have to approve it first.

The "My Neighbors" section can also be used to block people from posting comments, and set a priority level for members in your Reading List.

Posted by Douglas, Sep 19, 2007

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