Why are there two versions of the Membership Agreement?

There are two versions of the Membership Agreement - an official one, and an unofficial one.
Posted by Douglas, Sep 19, 2007


Why are there two versions of the Membership Agreement?

Posted by Douglas, Sep 19, 2007
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The reason there are two versions of the "Membership Agreement" (AKA "Terms Of Use") is very simple.

Most people don't bother reading official, legal sounding documents before joining websites. This is truly unfortunate, since some sites hide very sneaky clauses in their terms of use. For example, I once found a site that listed as part of its Membership Agreement that the site had permission to install software that would search out email contacts, and send out emails to your friends about the site. Brilliant!

In cases like that, the website actually doesn't want you to read their TOU, because then you would notice what you were agreeing to.

Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction does not want our TOU to be obscured. In fact, we very much want you to read it, because reading it will help you understand what is expected of you, and save you the hassle of having your account deleted because you violated the terms of the site.

So, we have two versions of the Membership Agreement. The first version is the official one. You must read and agree to this before joining the site.

Official Membership Agreement.

The second version is more "chatty", and is entirely unofficial. However, it is our hope that people will read the chatty version, and then compare it to the official version. In so doing, members will have a much better idea of what the site's membership agreement is.

Chatty, Unofficial Membership Agreement

Posted by Douglas, Sep 19, 2007

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