Why am I blocked from posting comments?

Members may be blocked from posting comments on other writer's pages
Posted by Douglas, Oct 26, 2007


Why am I blocked from posting comments?

Posted by Douglas, Oct 26, 2007
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If people have blocked you from commenting on their pages, there are a couple possible reasons for this. The first reason is, some of the more popular writers on the site get a lot of comments every day, so they may have set their account to block messages in order to save time.

The other reason is, if you have posted irrelevent or inflamatory comments, some writers may have decided to block you personally.

Please keep in mind that this is a community, and just as in a "real" community, people who don't know how to interact socially in an appropriate manner get ostracized.

In a "real" community, if you are behaving like a jerk, someone might try to take you aside and privately explain to you why you are losing friends so quickly. But in an online community of this nature, where all messages are visible to the public, it's a lot easier to simply block you from posting comments, rather than trying to educate you about social interaction.

A friend of mine has a book titled "Etiquette for Dummies". Maybe you should pick up a copy. :)

Posted by Douglas, Oct 26, 2007

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