Is Fan Fic (Fan Fiction) allowed on this site?

Fan Fiction (or fanfic) is fiction based on other writers' universes, situations, settings, and characters.
Posted by Douglas, Nov 27, 2007


Is Fan Fic (Fan Fiction) allowed on this site?

Posted by Douglas, Nov 27, 2007
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Can you write fanfic (A.K.A fan fiction) on this site? Currently there is no policy preventing fan fiction on Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. However, you should be aware that the site administrator may choose at any time to completely block fan fiction from the site - in which case anything you have written along those lines will be permanently lost.

If you don't know what fan fiction is, it is stories based on other writers' characters/universes/situations. For example fan fic would include stories about Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter, or stories taking place in the Star Trek universe or Middle Earth.

You get the idea.

One of the purposes of this site is to help people improve in their ability to write creatively. A good writer must develop character, setting, dialogue, and story line. Fan Fic is a good way to bypass developing the whole package, and is therefore a good way to stunt your growth as a writer.

As I look at the quality of writing on this site, I realize that we have a fine group of very creative people, and none of you need to rely on the crutch of Fan Fic. You are all capable of creating your own settings, situations, and characters.

And if you aren't yet capable of that kind of creativity...well, keep working at it! :)

Posted by Douglas, Nov 27, 2007

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