What are stars? How are they used?

Stars can be awarded to posts that you enjoy on the Fifteen Minutes of Fiction site.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 1, 2007


What are stars? How are they used?

Posted by Douglas, Oct 1, 2007
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Stars are a way of recognizing pieces of writing you enjoy. When you star an item, your rating information is used to bring the very best pieces of writing to the forefront on the site.

We encourage each member to make regular use of this feature.

When you award stars, authors can see those stars on the writing page, but they do not see who awarded the stars. Thus, it is an anonymous process.

Please note: unlike many rating systems, the Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction rating system has no "negative" rating.

If you award a post one star, you're saying "I enjoyed this post," and if you award it five stars, you're saying "Wow! This is fantastic!"

And if you don't like a post at all, don't give it any stars!

Posted by Douglas, Oct 1, 2007

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