Why isn't my writing featured?

Some advice for writers who are hoping that their writing will make it into the featured gallery.
Posted by Douglas, Mar 31, 2008


Why isn't my writing featured?

Posted by Douglas, Mar 31, 2008
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Sometimes people may wonder why their writing doesn't get featured on the "Featured Gallery" page. If you're wondering about that, you might want to read the following.

First, please understand that the featuring of writing is an entirely un-democratic process. In order for a piece to be featured it has to capture and keep my attention from beginning to end. The featured gallery is not designed for you as a writer but for you as a reader. It is designed to help people find writing that they will enjoy. Thus, if I don't enjoy it, I won't ask other people to read it!

What are some things you can do to improve the chances of getting featured in the gallery? Here are a few tips:

  1. Be sure your writing is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
  2. Be sure it is properly formatted (no extra line breaks in the middle of sentences, but include TWO line breaks between each paragraph)
  3. Serial stories rarely get featured. Once in awhile, when a series is complete, I'll feature the first installment, but only if the entire series is well written. Also, 'stand-alone' episodes in a serial might get featured.
  4. As a general rule, very long pieces need to be absolutely phenomenal in order to be featured
  5. Poems which are about serious topics, but read like Dr. Seuss, or have clunky rhymes*, will never be featured.

* The subject of "Clunky Rhymes" is addressed in a separate FAQ.

Posted by Douglas, Mar 31, 2008

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