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First Sentence Laura the explorer: Sometimes wishes do come true.
Posted by alilee, Feb 12, 2012. 809 views. ID = 5403

First Sentence Laura the explorer

Posted by alilee, Feb 12, 2012. 809 views. ID = 5403
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Laura had no idea what surprises awaited her when she began to polish the antique lamp she found on the beach.It was not an attractive object,being cracked and full of sand,but must have been beautiful when it was new.Laura thought of Aladdin and his magic lamp as she absent mindedly polished the glass shade,but no genie appeared to grant her three wishes.She felt like the lamp at the moment,washed up and far from home.
She had planned this holiday to Malaysia with her best friend Sara,but unfortunately Sara had caught chicken pox and was unable to travel.All Lauras' other friends were working and unable to travel at such short notice so Laura had made the long flight on her own and was now feeling lost and alone in the foreign environment,despite the beauty of the sandy beach and the hot sunny clime.
At that moment she saw a Chinese girl she had noticed earlier in the hotel.Sui lin greeted her in Cantonese,"lai ho ma?" In halting chinese,Laura responded"ho ho"(very well) Luckily Suilin spoke perfect english.She had noticed that Laura was all alone and as she was a frequent visitor to Penang and on holiday herself with her sister ,she offered to act as a guide to Laura and show her around the beautiful island.They happily made plans to visit the botanical gardens that day and sample the delicious variety of food at the hawker stalls.Laura looked at the old lamp and mused that perhaps wishes really did come true!

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