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Abigale: human for a day
Posted by alilee, Apr 29, 2012. 872 views. ID = 5611


Posted by alilee, Apr 29, 2012. 872 views. ID = 5611
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My name is Abigale.In my normal life I am a beatiful, people loving, vocal Burmese cat.On waking today I stretch langourously and discover I have magically transformed.My limbs are long and elegant.I have blond silky hair and my eyes as I look in the mirror remain jade green.I'm amazed at this transformation and pitter patter down the stairs.I open the fridge and pour myself an ice cold glass of cool, creamy milk.Delicious!
I venture outside after unlocking the door.The garden looks strange from a peoples eye view.Usually I would be aware of the scents and smells and listening intently for signs of danger.I find myself calm and relaxed in this new persona and enjoying the bright colours of the flowers.How has this happened.My thought processes have a clarity previously unknown.My family are away for the day so are not here to witness this remarkable change.
I take a key and walk around the neighbourhood.No longer fearing the many dogs which reside locally.Again I am amazed by the colours and the different perceptions .I walk further than I have ever been, my long legs quickly covering the distance.I talk to a few neighbours who have stroked and cuddled me in my cat life.It is a revelation to be able to communicate so clearly.My family have become quite good at understanding my cat language and the different sounds for hungry,frightened,content,want to go out, but this is completely different.
I return home to eat a can of sardines.My food tastes remain feline and after all this activity Icurl on the sofa for a long nap.The door sounds awake me.My people are home,a very strange dream.I purr loudly in feline greeting.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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