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Driving in all weathers: sunny days will always follow winter weather
Posted by alilee, Feb 25, 2013. 688 views. ID = 6153

Driving in all weathers

Posted by alilee, Feb 25, 2013. 688 views. ID = 6153
This post was written in 30 minutes.

On visits to my patients as a nurse
I used to drive to drive in weather foul or fair
no matter what conditions were outside
if I was really needed I'd be there

On one day rushing to be back on time
in my green sports car through the pouring rain
my destination was so very near
when suddenly my car did aquaplane

Another time when driving in the snow
across the downs to a house on a hill
I tried to park the car and slowly slid
into another car in icy spill

A tree came down to block the entrance road
no cars were able to go in or out
the hospital was blocked to all who drove
the wind had spread its havoc all about

Despite these incidents along the way
On sunny days to drive around was bliss
the blessed warmth, the feel of sun on skin
the gentle breeze, who could ask more than this.

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