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Young Love: my attempt at A golden shovel poem
Posted by alilee, Apr 5, 2014. 587 views. ID = 6611

Young Love

Posted by alilee, Apr 5, 2014. 587 views. ID = 6611
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I used Gwendoline Brookes poem as in Terence Hayes brilliant original. The last word of each line is the original poem. A prompt suggested by napowrimo!

While walking in the rain, deep the pain we
feel, echoes of an argument too real

and too close to our hearts. The raindrops cool
our fevered skin, but notwithstanding we

feel nothing of the rain.Nothing is left
without our love. Without teachers, a school

is not a school. Without you is no we
in stony silence part so alone I lurk

thinking are we done? Is it now too late?
I am me but I want us to be we

I did not want to be the one to strike
an arrow through your heart nor want the straight

talking between us to end like this. We
used to be as one, link our arms and sing

joyfully.There was no talk of my sin.
I am lost without you.There is no we

I feel the cold, my jacket is too thin.
A nearby bar, a tot or two of gin

will dull the pain of memories that we
shared, of balmy nights listening to jazz.

Of sunny days, togetherness in June.
Tears fall like raindrops, soundlessly,that we

will never be together til we die,
that what we had was over all too soon

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