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Death by Adjective: never a cross word!
Posted by alilee, May 29, 2016. 613 views. ID = 7152

Death by Adjective

Posted by alilee, May 29, 2016. 613 views. ID = 7152
This post was written in 22 minutes.

It was fiendishly difficult, the hardest crossword in the whole, wide world.
Well, maybe a slight exaggeration but my poor, tired brain was not coping.My heavy head exploding with severe pain grappling unsuccessfully to solve a single, solitary clue. Blurring words moving around the pristine page of this devilish crossword book. Whatever possessed my dearest friend to buy this totally inappropriate gift, I found it difficult to imagine. Of course I received this charming book with effusive words of undying gratitude. If it wasn't for her forthcoming
and now not entirely welcome visit, this dastardly missive would be thrown into my overflowing dustbin as the worst, most undesirable, detestable gift ever received. I could not even pretend to have completed a crossword as it didn't even have a life saving, sanity inducing answers section.

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