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Relish the Change: A poem to myself about change
Posted by gabemay, Mar 14, 2019. 322 views. ID = 7339

Relish the Change

Posted by gabemay, Mar 14, 2019. 322 views. ID = 7339
This post was written in 21 minutes.
I decided to take an abstract and indirect approach to answering this weeks promt. 2018 was filled with changes for me. It was painful and hard and confusing, but in the end when I decided to accept and be okay with the changes going on I was able to enjoy and appreciate life.

The line grows with more awaiting to eat it again,
Yet still the old blandness you so firmly defend.
Perhaps the new dish is not to your taste,
Or perhaps you cannot let the past to waste.

Relish the Change.

When all are in awe of what now is new,
Are you still to say the new dish is askew?
How else can you be so certain?
Are you choosing to bow behind the curtain?

Relish the Change.

Thyme, parsely and bay leaf to name some
Faint flavors entice you to try, so come!
Old is the dish that was relished in the past
Today is for the new, for today it will last.

Relish the Change.

And if the flavor tomorrow is no longer consistent
So slighltly less or more, yet so different.
Train your pallete to widen it's range
So when you try out today's dish so seemlingly strange,

At least you'll then know what it means...

To Relish the Change.

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