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The story of a dream journey with an old man to a mountain top
Posted by Janee, Mar 5, 2008
The questions we ask, and the answers we receive, rarely tell the full story.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 19, 2007
I just can't love you...
Posted by Katie, Jul 29, 2008
a lexiphanic poem
Posted by lostcerebellum, Aug 17, 2008
A short poem about a chisel, a hammer, and a stone
Posted by Douglas, Jul 28, 2008
Letter to Santa Claus - a lonely woman has a Christmas wish
Posted by Janee, Dec 12, 2007
Story of two little girls who were best of friends, before one moved away to Georgia.
Posted by Janee, Oct 2, 2007
A poem that is a conversation between two people
Posted by Ferdinand, May 1, 2008
Heaven is where - a poem about heaven, and about heaven on earth
Posted by Janee, Oct 22, 2007
Fear Man is my superhero name, and my super power is all about fear.
Posted by Michael K, Sep 8, 2008
A homeless girl discovers the wonder of the nativity scene and the nativity story at Christmas time.
Posted by Douglas, Dec 8, 2007
George Washington had a secret hobby he didn't want any of his soldiers to know about. Here's how he kept the secret
Posted by Janee, Jan 31, 2008
Snow White makes a surprising discovery as she wanders through the enchanted forest
Posted by Janee, Dec 27, 2008
What happened when I stood to make a toast.
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Nov 17, 2008
Hello Spammer, Hello Scammer - a song to be sung to the tune of Allan Sherman's 'Hello mother, hello father'
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Jan 21, 2008
I'm not a contortionist, but I must look pretty silly as I sit here...
Posted by Douglas, Aug 14, 2008
A retelling of the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, in which Jack's mother plays a larger role
Posted by Michael K, May 13, 2008
And what better day than February 29
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, May 1, 2011
Ode To A Toad is a poem that asks a serious question about relationships, in the guise of a silly poem
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Sep 26, 2007
The story of a teenage boy who is having trouble relating to his parents
Posted by Michael K, Feb 26, 2008
True story.
Posted by Isaac, May 13, 2008
There's an old saying: if wishes were horses then beggars would ride - but I'll take contentment over wishes any day.
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Mar 3, 2008
The story of a ship which is lost at sea, written as a poem - a song with refrain.
Posted by Ferdinand, Nov 8, 2008
A fable about a community of beautiful flowers living on a hillside
Posted by Janee, Oct 30, 2007
My attempt at a villanelle.
Posted by Laura, May 13, 2010

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