Writing Prompt: Historical Confusion

Historical Confusion: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: Historical Confusion

Writing prompt It has been said that "the winners write the history books". In other words, how can we be sure the things we read in history books are what really happened?

Choose a story about a historical event/character, and re-invent it. (Here's an example, if you need ideas: George's Firewood)

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George Washington had a secret hobby he didn't want any of his soldiers to know about. Here's how he kept the secret
Posted by Janee, Jan 31, 2008
Ike and his older brother come together to bury their father, who has just died.
Posted by Douglas, Jan 27, 2008
The truth about who wrote all those Shakespearean sonnets, plays and other pieces of literature
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Jan 28, 2008
Paul and Carl have a competition to see who makes the best pies, but Paul is confident he will win in the long run.
Posted by Michael K, Jan 29, 2008
The story of Archimedes may be simpler than you think.
Posted by Angela, Feb 5, 2008
I always wondered how those composers could write all that music.
Posted by Kenzie Fell Down, Jan 30, 2008
The last remaining Trojan alive.
Posted by Mathax, Jan 28, 2008

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