Writing Prompt: Poem About A Mundane Object

Poem About A Mundane Object: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: Poem About A Mundane Object

Writing prompt It's been over two months since our last poetry writing prompt, so lets do another one!

As you sit at your computer, look around the room, and pick some object that you can see, and write a poem (any form you like!) about that object.

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my random poem.
Posted by Kenzie Fell Down, Feb 18, 2008
A comparison of how we used to write with pen on paper, and sending emails
Posted by Janee, Feb 21, 2008
I can't exactly see it as I sit here at my computer, but I know it's there.
Posted by Lynnde, Feb 20, 2008
All I wanted was a salad. I got a poem instead.
Posted by Sylvan Sylph, Feb 19, 2008
A poem that considers some of the different things I could write poems about
Posted by Michael K, Feb 19, 2008
Yesterdays new toy for a four-year old.
Posted by Hannah, Feb 20, 2008
A short poem about a boy who is looking for something that is usually well hidden and protected
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Feb 18, 2008
cup of tea
Posted by ashamed1, Jun 26, 2009
My Gramp made this horse years ago for my children
Posted by Trent, Feb 18, 2008
Poem About A Mundane Object prompt
Posted by lostcerebellum, Feb 18, 2008
A Fibonacci Poem about a Difluoroethane dusting spray can
Posted by Douglas, Feb 18, 2008

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