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Christmas Every Day: This one's from the perspective of a child...
Posted by Laura, Dec 16, 2009. 3818 views. ID = 3034

Christmas Every Day

Posted by Laura, Dec 16, 2009. 3818 views. ID = 3034
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'Twas the night before Christmas, and deep in my heart,
danced the sugarplum fairies and joy they impart -
for I just couldn't sleep, so I tossed and I turned,
while sweet hopes for the morning continually churned.

And I thought to myself, what a wonderful day,
that it keeps me up late in excitement this way,
with such anticipation, how it draws ever near!
Why could Christmas not come every day of the year?

Think of music and relatives, eggnog and spice,
and the garland and pine trees that always smell nice.
Yummy pies and those gifts wrapped in paper so bright,
and the stockings we open before the day's light.

And how could I forget the most important reason,
the whole purpose for celebrating this wint'ry season;
for the birthday of Jesus that night in the manger,
and the angels who sang, and the visits from strangers.

And yet, as I pondered some more in my head,
I began to realize that, despite what I'd said,
such a grand celebration would never draw near,
if it just simply happened each day of the year.

Would my mom really want to bake pies every day,
or sweep up the dead pine needles as they decay?
I suppose we would even get tired of eggnog,
and the candy canes, music, and that old yule log.

And the gifts, though I'm sure I'd not grow to detest them,
are much less exciting if it's each day you get them.
Then the toys would pile up, and the budget would bust -
we'd have so much new stuff that it would all gather dust.

There'd be relatives always, to talk and sing songs,
which is great when they haven't been by in so long,
but each day would perhaps make us testy and tired,
and no work every day would mean they'd all get fired.

After much careful thought, it would surely appear
that Christmas is better when it comes once a year.
And yet, there's a reason for joy as we near it,
for Jesus is the one who first brought Christmas spirit.

He came down from a place that was perfect, to earth,
and he took on the life of a human at birth,
but still fully God, he then poured his life out,
and arose to erase every shadow of doubt.

And how much we would miss of his wonderful love,
if his birth was the only part that we thought of.
But if he's in our hearts as the source of all cheer,
perhaps then it could truly be Christmas all year!

And with that, I consented to lay down my head,
and soon drifted to dreamland right there in my bed,
much contented in knowing that true Christmas love,
isn't found in one season, but comes straight from above.

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This post has been awarded 24 stars by 6 readers.
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