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There was something in the way she walked, the inconsolable and serene beauty which seemed to radiate from her - an inexplicable, improbable and wholly bizarre loveliness which no amount of words can emulate. The vibrancy of the glamour of youth enveloped her - she was a triumph of the crowded soul which there ... uhh... umm......arrrght, I stuffed it up.

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Mr. Raven
Aug 20, 2009
Thanks for comments. I'm reading "The End of the Tether" right now. Real nice. Conrad has his moments - I mean you just have this regular narration and then suddenly you bump into something quite insightful... To quote:

"Men were not evil, after all. He did not like his sleek hair, his queer way of standing at right angles, with his nose in the air, and glancing along his shoulder at you. No. On the whole, men were not bad - they were only silly or unhappy."

Apr 16, 2009
Good to know.

Mar 11, 2009
I'm not sure what you mean but no puns intended in this piece.

Mar 8, 2009
Thanks, I will try to write more peoms, nice to know they have a fan. By the by, your poems are pretty good too, I hope you write more.

Mar 8, 2009
Thanks, but my Mom wants to edit everything I write and her schedule is packed. However, I read every thing that people write that I can.

Mar 7, 2009
Thanks for the reply, makes more sense the second time around. Keep up the good work!

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