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Key Trouble: My keys won't work.
Posted by Katie, Jan 10, 2008. 4840 views. ID = 485

Key Trouble

Posted by Katie, Jan 10, 2008. 4840 views. ID = 485
This post was written in 48 minutes.
No it didn't take me 45 minutes to write this. I got distracted. :-P
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Last Friday, in a panic, I called my friend Fred from the office.

"Fred! You've gotta help me! My keys aren't working!!"

"Ok, ok. Calm down. What can I do to help?"

"Well, I'm working on this huge project for my boss, and this morning when I got here, I tried to use my keys to access my files, but they didn't work!"

Fred thought for a moment.

"Are you sure that it's the right set of keys?"

"Yes, I'm sure these are the right keys!" I moaned. "They've always worked before!"

Fred paused for a moment to think again.

"You usually hide your keys in your desk when you leave the office as an extra security precaution, right?"

"Yes, that's right, I do" I replied.

"Uh huh. And did you plug the keys in this morning?"

"Oh" I said sheepishly as I plugged my keyboard into the correct port on the computer. "Heh heh. Now my keys are working."

You know, computer technicians come in handy sometimes.

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This post has been awarded 18 stars by 4 readers.
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Josiah T.
Jan 10, 2008
Hehehe! :-) Careful, tho. If you plug a ps2 keyboard or mouse in while the computer's running you could fry the whole system. ;-)
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Jan 10, 2008

Jan 10, 2008
lol! Like I said, it's handy to have a comp tech around sometimes. ;-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Jan 10, 2008

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