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Daily Writing 12/29/15: Prompt about Nerds
Posted by Jacob, Dec 31, 2015. 3592 views. ID = 7084

Daily Writing 12/29/15

Posted by Jacob, Dec 31, 2015. 3592 views. ID = 7084
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Prompt: 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts
Pg. 105 #899
What does it mean to you to be a nerd? How has being a nerd affected you in your life both positively and negatively?

To me, a nerd is a certain state of mind. It is not, as many think, a measure of a person's intelligence. On the contrary, a nerd is someone who has an intense desire to learn and to collect knowledge, whether that knowledge relates to Harry Potter, Computer Science, or Classical Literature.
As a nerd, I can not honestly say that anything bad has occurred to me (to my knowledge) because of my being a nerd, aside from people thinking I don't understand what they are going through. This is a common misconception, because nerds often understand themselves very well, which allows them to understand others very well also.
As far as positive consequences go, they are very numerous. I will cite a few examples here: (1) Being asked to work as an intern at the local hospital because of my expertise with computers, (2) Assisting teachers with technical problems in and out of the classroom, and (3) Simply being introduced to and becoming friends with extremely intelligent people who, like myself, are nerds.

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