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Daily Writing 12/30/15: Writing about Religion and Politics
Posted by Jacob, Dec 31, 2015. 2301 views. ID = 7085

Daily Writing 12/30/15

Posted by Jacob, Dec 31, 2015. 2301 views. ID = 7085
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Describe your views concerning religion in regard to politics

This is something of a hot topic, so I will try to keep it short and calm. It is commonly thought, especially in the South (I'm allowed to stereotype Southerners since I am one), that to be a good leader one must be religious, preferably a conservative Christian. This is not true. Religion does not affect the effectiveness of a leader. While it may provide goals and inspiration for leaders, these things can be found in other sources as well. It is also thought that religion provides a basis for morality. This is false. Morality is simply human nature, not religious.
For more information on this argument, please see Prof. Richard Dawkins' published works.

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