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Daily Writing 12/31/15: Writing about New Years Resolutions
Posted by Jacob, Dec 31, 2015. 2113 views. ID = 7086

Daily Writing 12/31/15

Posted by Jacob, Dec 31, 2015. 2113 views. ID = 7086
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Prompt: My brain
Write about one or more New Year's resolutions from last year, and one or more for this new year (2016)

I will begin by explaining the dismal failure that was my 2015 resolution. My primary resolution was to lose weight. I lost some, but I failed in total. I believe this was for two reasons:
One reason was because I had no motivation. My goal was not to be healthy and feel good, just to lose weight. Obviously, this goal lacked motivation and died quickly.
The other reason was because I was going about it for the wrong reason. See the above reason for more details.
This year, I have two resolutions:
1. To condition myself physically to be able to do whatever outdoor adventuring and exploring I desire to do without health considerations
2. To write something, every day, and to share it with the world. It may not be shared daily, but it will be written daily and shared at least once a week.

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Thanks to all my readers!

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