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Thankfulness...a novel concept: A charge to all to be thankfull
Posted by Jacob, Nov 24, 2015. 2134 views. ID = 7056

Thankfulness...a novel concept

Posted by Jacob, Nov 24, 2015. 2134 views. ID = 7056
This post was written in 10 minutes.
I dedicate this to my cousin Zachary, who, at the age of eighteen years old, two days ago, died of prescription drug overdose.

Please read this poem with that recent event in mind.
An ode to him will be written and published here later.

Thankfulness...a concept
that is oft taken for granted

We so often forget what we have to be thankful for...
pursuit of happiness,

While it is true
that not all possess
these gifts
every person who lives,
and every person who loves,
should be thankful for that love and for life,
because not everyone receives love and life.

When loved ones die
we oft forget
to be thankful.
To be thankful for what? they ask
Be thankful that they did live
for as long as they did
that they knew love
for if you miss them, you loved them.

They must forever be in your heart
and we can be thankful for that as well
that we knew them, that we loved them,
and that we can hope that they are in a better place than
the foul place we call home, the earth.

We all have something to be thankful for
even if we can't find it
So be thankful for all you have
don't worry about what you don't have
because it helps none to worry...

Thankfulness...a concept
terribly oft taken for granted

is not
ever enough.

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