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Daily Writing 1/1/16: Writing about languages
Posted by Jacob, Jan 1, 2016. 2090 views. ID = 7087

Daily Writing 1/1/16

Posted by Jacob, Jan 1, 2016. 2090 views. ID = 7087
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Happy New Year!!!

Prompt: 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts
Pg. 61 # 518
If you could pick 5 languages to learn, what would they be and why? How would you go about learning them and what would you do as soon as you knew them?

The five languages I would learn are as follows:
Spanish- the vast Spanish-speaking population of America
French- beautiful language, spoken in France and Canada
German- I like the sound of the language
Italian- Growing in popularity
Russian- I like the language and I like Russian history
I would learn them by finding a person who spoke them and learning from them.
I would visit countries that speak these languages as soon as I knew the language (if not before I knew the language fluently)

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