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The Torment of the Bkinking Cursor: The dreaded curse of writers block
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Sep 20, 2009. 1707 views. ID = 2859

The Torment of the Bkinking Cursor

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Sep 20, 2009. 1707 views. ID = 2859
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Our hands at the keyboard, our eyes on the screen, we are ready still nothing comes out
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As A person who only writes as a hobby, the dreaded 'writer's block' is not that much of a problem. When my mind draws a blank I just shut down my PC and come back to it later. I have always been in awe of the newspaper columnist who must fill so many inches with something of relevance and interest everyday. That my friend is pressure, and you know they hit that wall just as we have many times.

We all know the feeling, as you sit there staring at the screen, that blasted cursor just sits there. You watch it blinking and you swear it is silently screaming, "Write me, write me," over and over again. Pressure may make diamonds but I do not believe it makes good prose. The creation of a good piece of writing needs time to develop to rise up slowly such as a good loaf of bread.

Once writers block has locked on to your soul how do we break free? There are a couple of things I have tried and both work sometimes. The first is to get away from that demanding cursor, then let your ideas turn around in your mind. I try to develop plot lines and ideas n my mind as I exercise on my stationary bike. I look at my characters from all sides while adding or subtracting dialog. The biggest problem I find with working this way is what sounds good in your mind doesn't look as good on paper. I believe the tried and true way to overcome writer's block is just to start writing. Don't worry about how it looks, or how it is going to end just put don't something. This makes the juices flow, so to speak and then once the process is in place go back and fine tune what you have written.

I wish good luck to all us writers, as we know this is not an easy craft. Just remember, the rewards of a job well done make it worth the effort.

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This post has been awarded 22 stars by 6 readers.
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Sep 21, 2009
I really like the comparisons to diamonds and a loaf of bread. I also think there is a lot of potential to expand those ideas somewhat. Good stuff. Glad to know I'm not the only one who fears the blank screen.
   ~Posted by EmmeElle, Sep 21, 2009

Sep 25, 2009
i hate it when it happens. I really like this.
   ~Posted by erika, Sep 25, 2009

Sep 29, 2009
Good suggestions! I also find that some kind of physical activity really seems to help get the thoughts flowing.
   ~Posted by Laura, Sep 29, 2009

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