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My Big Little Brother: Younger brother is now bigger
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 31, 2010. 6428 views. ID = 3155

My Big Little Brother

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 31, 2010. 6428 views. ID = 3155
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Taunting my younger brother comes back to haunt me as he is now bigger.
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It seems that Sibling Rivalry must be a law of nature for what could be more natural than picking on your little brother or sister. That being said I feel that I went beyond the call of nature when it came to picking on my younger brother. My problems came when my younger brother became my big brother. With some kind of sick twist of faith, my brother grew up to be taller, bigger, and much stronger than I was.

My mid-teen years were torture for me and vengeance for my kid brother as he beat me in every wrestling match or sport we played. My only saving grace was my brother is a nice guy so therefore he didn't make me suffer as much as he could have. I have to say if the tables had been turned, I would not have been nearly as nice.

Today as adults, he is still outdoing his older brother. I am a happily married man with a wonderful loving wife and two great kids. However, my brother married a beautiful blonde, the kind you might find on the cover of those model magazines, oh yeah, her family is rich and they just adore my kid brother. The family keeps insisting he and his wife go on vacation with them to far off islands and remote paradises you see on the Travel Chanel. While my daughter's favorite pastime seems to be playing with dirt, his daughter a year younger is now playing tennis and is being taught by a pro friend of her family.

I am happy for my brother, I really am, but at the same time, I feel a tinge of jealousy. The worst is I now have to accept defeat in the battle of Sibling Rivalry. Just a warning to all you big brothers out treat your little brother with care for some day he may grow up to be a better man than you. To you little brothers out there suffering torture from your big brother, have hope you may grow up to be the big brother.

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This post has been awarded 24 stars by 5 readers.
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Jan 31, 2010
So I'm curious to this true? If it is, such honesty is like a breath of fresh air. I like this, either way.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Jan 31, 2010

R. Wesley Lovil
Jan 31, 2010
Although this story is based on truth it is a work of fiction.
   ~Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 31, 2010

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