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My First Car: It never ran but I had plans
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Oct 3, 2010. 1588 views. ID = 3952

My First Car

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Oct 3, 2010. 1588 views. ID = 3952
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My dream car turned into a nightmare
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My first car was purchased many years ago in a different era. We had less modern conveniences but more personal freedom. My first car was an old 1923 Model T, a complete wreck missing more parts than I could ever replace. Still I had a dream and in this dream was a '23 T-Bucket painted bright red and sporting a big flathead Ford engine. Two of my buddies and I chipped in five bucks each and paid this old man fifteen dollars for my first car. We were all thirteen and we just knew by the time we would be driving we would have a hot rod to tool around in style.

Now to get it home was my first challenge, I had a friend who had a car and I had a rope but my dream hot rod had no steering. It also had no radiator or engine cover so I sat on top of the engine and steered the car with my feet on the turning radiuses. It was less than five miles so I was sure I could do this with ease but I didn't think about the hill we had to go down to get to my buddies house where were going. My car had no brakes but of course, that didn't matter because from where I was driving I couldn't have used them anyway. The only way I could stop was by bumping into the rear of my friend's car with a jolt. Even though I kept slamming into the tow car and I had nothing to hold on to I managed to stay atop my ride and we got there without incident.

Dreams of grandeur mean little in the world of hot rods if you have little mechanical skills and no money. Other than a couple of racing stickers I had collected, we never actually did anything to that car. It didn't even have seats we could sit in so we couldn't sit inside and dream. After school started in the fall we all lost interest and in the end we gave the car to someone else and I don't think I ever saw it again. So the only thing I got from my first car was that thrilling ride home but you know what I still think it was worth it.

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This post has been awarded 14 stars by 3 readers.
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