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My Writing Prompts: My top ten writing prompts
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Sep 26, 2010. 1455 views. ID = 3913

My Writing Prompts

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Sep 26, 2010. 1455 views. ID = 3913
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1) Disappointment:
We've all gone through not getting something we wanted or expected. Write a short story or poem on your biggest disappointment.

2) Who Done it:
Mystery novels are one of the largest genres in the writing world. Write the first few paragraphs of a mystery novel. Be sure to include the 'hook,' that part of the story that makes the reader want to keep going to find the answer.

3) Dear Mr. President:
Write a letter to the president, the current one or choose one from the past. You can praise him, censure his policies, or offer advice. You may say what you wish but remember he is or was the leader of your country so be respectful.

4) What I did last summer:
In the fall, every kid has to write on what they did during their summer vacation. Make up a story on what would be your perfect summer, not what you did, but what you would have liked to do.

5) I would like to live in:
Do you have a place where you'd like to live? Write a short story or poem about a place where you would like to live. It could be a town, a country, or even an imaginary place.

6) My Hero:
Is there someone in your life that goes beyond what is expected of them? Write a short story on a hero in your life, it could be a person in sports, a relative, a teacher or a person in the political world.

7) Modern Fairy Tale:
We all enjoyed fairy tales when we were young. Either make up a new fairy tale or take an existing tale and bring it into our modern world.

8) Texting 101:
It is a fact that young people enjoy texting as a type of communication. Write a conversation between two people as they converse by text. If you are going to use abbreviations, you will need to include what they mean on the bottom of your piece.

9) Twenty-First Century Miracles:
What new invention of this century changed your life the most? Write a story or poem on what modern technology changed your life the most.

10): My TV:
The fall always brings out the new TV schedule with new shows. Write an ad for an imaginary new TV show you would like to see on TV.

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 2 readers.
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