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"Laughter" (Patient Pending Copyright 2010): The cure for sadness
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, May 16, 2010. 1927 views. ID = 3565

"Laughter" (Patient Pending Copyright 2010)

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, May 16, 2010. 1927 views. ID = 3565
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If you have the disease we have the cure
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Friends, are you one of the millions of Americans who suffer from the depilating disease of Sadness. Do you go to parties only to sit in the corner watching everyone else enjoying themselves? You dare not say a word for fear of people discovering your illness. Believe me I know your pain for I too suffered in silence too embarrassed to reach out for help. On the other hand, maybe you're one of those who have gone to their physician begging for relief only to be turned away or worse sold some pill that did nothing to relieve the suffering.

It is with joy in my heart that I can now tell you that the folks at Humor Inc. have discovered a cure for you and everyone like you. Once you start our regimen, the results will astound you. Most sufferers notice a remarkable improvement in less than twenty-four hours. That's right friends you can turn your suffering around in a day.

What's that you say? You don't believe me, well I can't say that I blame you, but it's true. With just one dose of "Laughter" (patent pending copyright 2010), most sadness sufferers feel an immediate lifting of the soul. Our clinical trials have proved that "Laughter" (patent pending copyright 2010), is the best medicine for not only sadness but boredom as well. Still not convinced, well here is your first dose free:
"Question: Why don't aliens eat clowns?
Answer: Because they taste funny."

Now, don't you feel better already? So, what are you waiting for pick up your phone and call the number on your screen. Remember friends, "Laughter" (patent pending copyright 2010), it could change your life I know it changed mine.
Some rare side effects of "Laughter" (patent pending copyright 2010), is cheek pain from too much smiling, and tears rolling down face. If a pain in your belly is noticed, stop your medication and turn on a TV network sit-com, the pain will subside shortly.

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This post has been awarded 20 stars by 4 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Laughter


May 16, 2010
Good one! That made me... well... laugh. It's working!!!
   ~Posted by Laura, May 16, 2010

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