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Bob's Red Face: Poem
Posted by Scribbler, Jun 8, 2011. 2525 views. ID = 4677

Bob's Red Face

Posted by Scribbler, Jun 8, 2011. 2525 views. ID = 4677
This post was written in 7 minutes.
This is based loosely on a real event, which as you may have guessed happened a long time ago. Home improvement reminded me of it.
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One Saturday morning we went to Bob’s
with mops and rags to help with jobs.
He’d just moved in, the place was dusty.
The overall feel was somewhat musty.
Well, we all got in and worked quite hard,
even tidying up the yard.
Around about twelve we decided to break,
what with hunger to feed and thirst to slake.
Bob went out to get in his car
to go to the shop, though the shop wasn’t far.
But Bob’s car was parked in behind all the others,
so he ended up having to use his young brother’s.
In a very short time Bob had returned.
He got out of the car and that’s when we learned
That it wasn’t the car that he drove to the store.
A white Vee Dub? Yes. That was for sure.
But this car had blue seats – Bob’s brother’s had grey.
Bob hadn’t noticed as he drove away.
He drove back to the store and there as he’d guessed
was the car’s legal owner looking distressed.
He got out of the car and showed her the key
and the other white car parked down two or three.
His sheepish apology was quickly accepted,
luckily the police had not intercepted.
Back home he drove, car returned to his brother-
amazed that the key to one car, fit another.

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This post has been awarded 18 stars by 4 readers.
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