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Ok, so, I didn't get into any poem writing till like last summer (summer of 2007)...and despite me not having a significant other in my life, I kept going for writing love poems *roll eyes*....and I wasn't into the whole dating thing, really (till about last december O:) ) and so it was surprising that that was the subject I'd write about best.

Anyways...I'm 15 years old, as of last september 20th... I'm a christian... Love God soo much... all my friends call me a "pk" (preachers kid) because I'm actually active as far as church and youth group goes...but, unlike other other people, I love the title pk!!'s actually father WAS a pastor... and he taught me almost everything he knows, and so I love being on top of things, and knowing exactly what I believe in, so I'm the one deciding what I believe in instead of being a Niave teen who just agrees with every single word the pastor utters out. lol.

Anyways....that's a lil off the subject....but w/e. tend to be a very optimistic person, I love to laugh and make people laugh...and yes I have a few depressing poems posted, but those were only written when either things REALLY didn't make sense...or I was just ticked off haha...*innocent look on my face*.

Ok, so this is a book in itself... I need to finish up... hope you like the poems/songs I posted. :) God bless!!

-Sara Taylor

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The Purple PowerJosiah T.Mathax


Brett G. Rudder
Oct 4, 2008
Haha thanks for all the comments ESPECAIALLY the one you really really x 092839048032 liked ;-) haha.

Brett G. Rudder
Oct 4, 2008
Haha, yeah I thought so. It's all gooood though. =]

Sep 20, 2008
Sara, if you're looking for a specific piece of writing, down at the bottom of the site, click "Search". Then you can just search for whichever piece you were looking for! :)

Josiah T.
Sep 18, 2008
Methinks you've got me confused with Michael K... :-)

Apr 12, 2008
Got the Maine state math meet coming up.

Josiah T.
Apr 12, 2008
"You should get REALLY should :-P lol....I go on there all the time....

better should get AIM....I'm always on there! Like twice as much as MSN. So yeah...."

Trust me, you DON'T want him on IM, MSN or otherwise... :-P

Apr 12, 2008
Not until this summer when I get a job running the store.

Apr 11, 2008
You can try to convince him to.

Apr 4, 2008
Have you figured out how to use the forum? I have been the last one to post on all of them. :)

Apr 4, 2008
:P making movies.

Apr 3, 2008
*wonders if Sara is still among the living*

Mar 24, 2008
Ok. One of my other uncles just joined and posted 5 things. :)

Mar 18, 2008
Have you figured out how to use the Forum yet? I have been posting.

Mar 3, 2008
Just to let you know. Dad reads all of my emails.

The Purple Power
Mar 1, 2008
I think i missed a few (like one or two...) lol

Mar 1, 2008
Something besides love poatry.

Josiah T.
Feb 29, 2008
lol. I use MSN messenger, coz I can use my existing email address. My dad wouldn't want me to get an AIM account, but I suppose I could email you...

East to West, and Praise You in this Storm are by far my fave CC songs. :-)

This may sound kinda weird, but it's true. I'm not a huge fan of most contemporary Christian music thats out there. Why? Because they almost alway seem to think that after you're saved, life is fine and dandy and nothing can go wrong. Maybe their lives are vastly different than mine, but that certainly isn't the case with me! :-P

So, yeah. I'll probably pop you an email tomorrow. It's late (like, midnight late, by my time) so I'm heading to be shortly. :-)

Josiah T.
Feb 29, 2008
My favorite Skillet songs are

Say Goodbye
The Last Night
Falling Inside the Black
and Comatose.

I don't actually have any of their cd's... is an awesome place to find music if you just want to listen to it. ;-)

My fave CC songs are

East to West,
Praise You in this Storm,
Slow Fade,
and Somewhere in the Middle.

Yeah, well, I gotta go too. Gotta dentist appointment this morning. :-S

Feb 29, 2008
I don't know your email address.

Josiah T.
Feb 29, 2008
lol. Well, I started a "Random" thread the other night, coz Mathax and I and someone else were rambling on threads that didn't need to be rambled on...

I like dc Talk, but not quite as much since I realized that there more of a rap band than a rock band. I really like Casting Crowns and Thousand Foot Krutch. Skillet and MercyMe! are cool too tho. :-)

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