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Ode to Jack: An historic poem
Posted by Trent, Sep 21, 2007. 1887 views. ID = 30

Ode to Jack

Posted by Trent, Sep 21, 2007. 1887 views. ID = 30
This post was written in 17 minutes.
This flows from a recurring fascination with groups committed to producing culture challenging and culture changing material
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A bed of glowing embers,
Voices fill the room
Laughter echoes through the chamber
As the shadows dance and loom

The host of this gathering
Arises in the midst
Knocks upon his ancient chair
And reads down through the list

All his friends are at last
The process may begin
Reality is at the gate
This may not occur again

The laughter of men at midnight
Creative works out loud
It might work to intimidate
If you looked around the crowd

There's Tolkien with his script
Will it ever be done?
Tonight he has decided
That he should bring his son

And Williams what of him?
So different from the rest
Time is a cruel master
Can his writing stand the test?

The Elder Lewis' works are read
Not far outside this place
But for him the goal's not fame
Rather just to show his face

As Jack stands in the middle
There's joy within his soul
For Inklings is truly his group
It is, His all in all

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 4 readers.


Sep 22, 2007
so, have we got a virtual inkling here?
   ~Posted by Douglas, Sep 22, 2007

Sep 22, 2007
this is what I'm thinking.
   ~Posted by Trent, Sep 22, 2007

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