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Generations: A Moment in time
Posted by Trent, Sep 3, 2012. 1416 views. ID = 5840


Posted by Trent, Sep 3, 2012. 1416 views. ID = 5840
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The sway of the ship was apparent and felt great. Anthony had been too long on land. To feel a Mediterranean breeze and ease from the mooring was a glorious beginning to this grand adventure under the banner of his father. He had seen the developer's plans for this ship two years ago. At the time he envisioned the possibility of taking the maiden voyage.

Honestly, he didn't care two bits about the tuition that had been paid at the local academy for this semester. He was off-ground, southbound and heading around the Horn. Nothing could be better. Besides, the apartheid approach of the school was untenable to him, being half Dutch and half Moroccan. He couldn't sit on either side of the room. He was certain that the headmaster would be more pleased than even Anthony felt at the moment.

Standing next to his father at the helm, he could not have imagined the length of the trip nor it's final destination on Long Island.

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.


Sep 5, 2012
Is this a real life historical person?
   ~Posted by Douglas, Sep 5, 2012

Sep 5, 2012
Indeed it is a real live living to speak. I have imagined the exact scenario but all true to his settings.
I should have ended with New World rather than Long Island. But you write and you learn.
   ~Posted by Trent, Sep 5, 2012

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