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Tea's Hot: An imagined scenario of meeting up with cousins in the ancient from which my family came.
Posted by Trent, Mar 27, 2013. 2121 views. ID = 6201

Tea's Hot

Posted by Trent, Mar 27, 2013. 2121 views. ID = 6201
This post was written in 24 minutes.
In a recent email, an event such as this was related to me. It caught my imagination. I had to get it down in writing and dream about making the same trip myself, genealogy geek that I am.
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The drizzle could not dampen his spirits. Today was the day. He was arriving in the town of Limavady, Northern Ireland. He was going to meet, well for want of a warmer term, family.

Last evening when he made the phone call from the Inn there was a tingling anticipation as he waited for the first tones of a voice. A voice that had descended from the same tree.

A click and a greeting and two hundred years wash away. Plans are made for the morning meeting. "Take care" said the voice. "You do the same" came the reply. And it was begun; the journey that took two centuries.

From the driveway one could see that this place had an elegant simplicity. Someone cared about this old house. As he stepped to the door a chill went through him. The ancient door knocker sounded a hollow thud.

As the door opened there was a moment's hesitation on both sides. How exactly does one greet a cousin so distant most people wouldn't try to claim them. How is one supposed to react when finding an individual who is a match for the deepest part of your physiology, your DNA? A handshake suffices in lieu of hugs with a virtual stranger.

"Tea's hot." What a simple way to begin he thought. A question, an invitation and a beginning of what would prove to be a week-long conversation. This was more than a blow-in* could have possibly expected.

*One who's ancestor's hadn't darkened the parish in generations.

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.
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