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Christmas Smells: A woman experiences Christmas smells in her memories
Posted by Topazshell, Dec 22, 2013. 1506 views. ID = 6496

Christmas Smells

Posted by Topazshell, Dec 22, 2013. 1506 views. ID = 6496
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Around me is the smell of Douglass Fir.
Beside the tree upon the floor my wild black cur.

He smells of rain and mud and dreary snow.
On the wall I often see a red stocking toe

Which smells of milk like a rattle and a baby's quilt.
I remember a gingerbread house once built

So fast the cookie men drifted quickly to the side.
My pumpkin pie is burnt. The bottom crust I hide.

The cinnamon and cloves are sweetly mixed with my sad cry.
Reminding myself another year I can try

to avoid the burnt smell that lifts through the air
and makes my happy smile turn to one big flowing tear.

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