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The Door Within, Eragon, Eldest (still reading), The Rise of the Wyrm Lord, The Final Storm


I started free writing in English class, and have not stopped since. Written pages became typed pages, which turned into chapters. So if my posts seem to be typed quickly, it's because I'm copying and pasting. So, I'd LOVE to hear from whoever about my stories and whatnot...

Reading List

Sara TaylorDouglasNate Churchill


Mar 18, 2008
When is the next peice of the fourth nation coming?

Sara Taylor
Mar 2, 2008
haha yeah...this is probably my most visual poem ever haha.

Sara Taylor
Mar 2, 2008
Oh I will! :P lol.

actually...I only know how to play "chance for you and me" and "this must be love" on the piano...the other ones I'll just have to sing er somthing :P lol. ....or just learn them on the piano quickly lol.

Sara Taylor
Mar 2, 2008
aww thanks lol. I definitely think I enjoy writing songs and poems more than anything else... but yeah lol. :)

Sara Taylor
Mar 1, 2008
haha... now that's where we disagree... I absolutely LOVE axe. haha. It's my favorite guy's cologne.....minus Nautica. lol.....and Abercrombie and American Eagle.....all those are really good...but I still think Axe is by far my favorite. lol.

And thanks for all the comments :) They kept me smiling/laughing the whole way through lol. And you DID comment on every single one haha!! :D lol.

Ok, well, ttyl.


Feb 29, 2008
That is the king's decision.

Sara Taylor
Feb 26, 2008
JOSHHH!!!!!I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Ok, chances are you don't even check this, or as obsessed about this website as I chances are I'd be better to wait a few hours till you get back from school and just talk to you on the phone...BUT ANYWAYS!! I'M IN DESPERATE NEED OF A NAME FOR MY STORY!!! lol. I have no idea what to call I need your advice. lol......or for you just to name it altogether haha jkjk. Ok write back....or I'll prolly call you...either way. w/e.


Feb 24, 2008
Welcome, Josh! I kind of wondered if that was you - 'specially when I saw you added Nate to your reading list. :)

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