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One last leaf (Nov 11, 2008)
"statement" (Nov 4, 2008)
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"Pastry chef" (Nov 3, 2008)
Goat in the Fall (Nov 3, 2008)
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I was not borne in a manger but there was a bed of sorts and then there was the slap on the back side that I am sure made everything unpleasant for the instant. I am just below the "black birthday" and I live near a historical Fort where Lewis and Clark once traveled through pointing their path to adventure and life in the history books.
My son that is of the all knowing age is by far smarter than I was at his age and admitting this to him would prove to be debtrimental to my health. He is brilliant.

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Election Day Sonnet (Oct 30, 2008)


Nov 11, 2008
werd up home fried potatoes! there is no fee for awesomeness and attractivness.


Nov 4, 2008
BTW, I am working on a whole bunch of pieces for this month's writing prompt.

Nov 4, 2008
Yeah, I grew up around star trek but I didn't get to start watching it until 2 years ago. Now I have seen parts of TOS, the First 2 seasons of TNG, and all 7 seasons of DS9.

Nov 4, 2008
Thanks for the comments, Half-Lit - I'm glad you enjoyed my stories & poems! :)

Nov 3, 2008
Thank you for the comment on my story!

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