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Hi my name is Erika. I been writing fiction for a long time. Writing makes me fell free.

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R. Wesley LovilMissAnnie

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Free Write (Jul 24, 2011)


Mar 28, 2013
Yes, you're correct about the last line being messed up - you've got three extra syllables. But all the other lines are right on!

Jul 27, 2011
Hi Erika, your piece is just fine. Nothing wrong with that. Thanks for checking. :)

Apr 24, 2008
Yes, you did that right, except in some places you put 3 spaces instead of 2 between your paragraphs. But it's definitely easier to read than when there weren't any spaces at all.

Apr 23, 2008
Hi snapper, glad to see you got logged back in! Just a real quick suggestion for you (which we tell all the new writers on the site): when you're writing, if you put a double-space between each of your paragraphs, it makes it easier to read.

I look forward to seeing what else you'll write!

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