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haiku (Mar 16, 2009)
Wolf Pride (Feb 7, 2009)
Reed (Feb 5, 2009)
Freckled (Apr 19, 2008)
Inanimate Perspective (Mar 1, 2008)
Happy Valentines Day? (Feb 14, 2008)
Homeless On Christmas (Jan 19, 2008)

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I am currently a college student in NC, tryiing to find my place in the world. being torn in many directions learning what I can do and who I will become.

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Jocelyn SorianoJosiah T.Kenzie Fell Down

My Favorites

Hope's Ugly Sister (Dec 23, 2008)
THE SAD FLOWER (Jan 9, 2008)


May 1, 2008
Thank you! I'm really enjoying trying to imagine the story from all these different perspectives. :)

Josiah T.
Feb 14, 2008
Thanks! :-)

Feb 5, 2008
Well, Not really, We have not meet face to face.

Feb 5, 2008
My real name Is Matthias.

Josiah T.
Jan 22, 2008
Sylavash, I find it makes the writing easier to read if you double space between the paragraphs. It's easier if I don't have to look for the breaks. Just a thought. :-)

Jan 13, 2008
Thanks, Sylavash, and welcome to the site! :)

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