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Slowing Down: A few thoughts about my life...
Posted by steve7699, Mar 25, 2010. 2782 views. ID = 3388

Slowing Down

Posted by steve7699, Mar 25, 2010. 2782 views. ID = 3388
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I've had the same wish for quite some time, a longer day. Twenty-seven hours would be nice. Thirty, maybe. The theory being that with more time, I could get more done. But, somehow I doubt it. I'd just be more stressed than I am now. And no one wants that.

Maybe life would be easier if everything just slowed down a bit. Three daughters under the age of seven. One more coming this summer. Teaching. Coaching. Driver's Ed in the summer.

Everything moves so fast. My oldest will be seven this June. How is that possible? I'll be forty soon. My twenty year reunion is this summer. What the hell?

But, there's a stigma to slowing down. Slowing down is the first step to stopping. I can't do that. I've got things to do. Lessons to plan and teach. Teams to coach. Teens to teach how to drive. A wife to love and share and enjoy life with. Kids to love and raise and see more than I currently do. I'm missing so much.

Yet, all the things I do, at the speed that I do them, are for a much higher purpose. Those three daughters of mine, and the one who'll be joining us soon. Dance classes. New clothes, because Lord knows their growing doesn't seem to slow down. Bikes with streamers from the handlebars. Bike helmets. Pretty dresses and animated movies. It's all a pink blur.

As much as I may wish for a slower pace, life is this way for a reason. Maybe if I'm blessed enough to realize that fact alone, things aren't really that bad. After all, I did find the time to write this.

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This post has been awarded 13 stars by 3 readers.
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