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Full (Moon) Thoughts: Random and strange thoughts at the end of a bad week
Posted by steve7699, Nov 11, 2011. 1425 views. ID = 5144

Full (Moon) Thoughts

Posted by steve7699, Nov 11, 2011. 1425 views. ID = 5144
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This has been a week from hell for many reasons. I've noticed the moon every night and it's looked full each night. As a middle school teacher and parent of four young girls, that is not good. This was a rare twenty minutes or so, of writing time and this is what came out. I try not to ask why.
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Has there ever been a full moon that lasted an entire week? Just curious, because I swear it has this week. As a teacher, and a parent, I'm always well aware of an upcoming full moon. They're beautiful, glowing and swollen, just hanging above the horizon, then rising higher. God's nightlight.

Of course, like many things in life, something that has great outer beauty, has something far more sinister on the inside. I'm not sure why, not that it really matters. If it's there, it's there, and dealing with it seems more important than deciphering why it's happening.

But, it does interest me. I've always loved the moon. It seems almost human to me, simply because it's beautiful, like many of us, but it's a scarred beauty. It has pockmarks, crevices, deep canyons, and areas of darkness and light. It's round and fat one moment, and barely there the next (like so many of us). It has phases where it seems to dominate and shine more than anything else, but then disappears to a sliver within a short time, only to repeat it a month later.

Is that why the moon effects so many of us? Is that why kids and adults alike seem to allow the moon to alter our mood and behavior? The moon is powerful and can illuminate the lives of so many, it alters our mightiest power on Earth, the oceans. But, it's also cold and distant. Only a handful of us have ever even made physical contact, and we haven't been back in decades. That kind of abandonment can not be easy to get over.

That may be the biggest difference between us right there. It has got to be lonely up there. No matter how bad things are down here, we can always reach out to someone, perhaps many someones. Even when we feel at our tiniest sliver that gets lost in the sky, we can have company. Even when we're the light of the show and shining our brightest, we know it's only fleeting.

The moon knows this too, I think. Perhaps, that's why it impacts us so deeply. When it's full and so many people are looking up and marveling at its beauty, she's trying to find someone willing to pay a visit. And maybe help make the upcoming dark times that much better.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.

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