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Lover's Reply: My boyfriends reply to the poem I wrote him.
Posted by Daethereal, Nov 5, 2015. 1166 views. ID = 7044

Lover's Reply

Posted by Daethereal, Nov 5, 2015. 1166 views. ID = 7044
This post was written in 4 minutes.
My boyfriend changed the original poem to match his style, with my permission. The reply is all his and I give credit to him for this beautiful work.


Tread lightly on footfalls
A rocky footpath above and below,
The singing walls.
I watch you leap in the swinging trees
We danced under the waterfalls,
You and I,
and the Hawaiian breeze
Look out! The stones below
Stay in your arms when I get trapped
With you, I'll overcome
the wall
Somebody infinitely loved
A god in stone,
to you,
Slipping on gentle stones
Unnerved by the fall, far below
The singing walls.
From tree to you
Landing in the waterfalls
You and I, 
and the splashing tide
Look there! The turtle knows
What joy you bring me in these times
With you, I'll overcome
The stone
Someone infinitely loved
A goddess in flames 
to you,

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