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A Miserable, Awful and Terrible Day: People who have a miserable, awful, terrible day, and weep and wail and sniffle all over you.
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Oct 24, 2007. 4960 views. ID = 214

A Miserable, Awful and Terrible Day

Posted by Rabbit Stu, Oct 24, 2007. 4960 views. ID = 214
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I haven't much pity for those people who say
They're having a miserable, awful, and terrible day.
They weep and they wail and they hold me so close,
And their sloshing and slurping is really quite gross.

All that teary eyed, misty eyed, dripping and mess
That spoils my whole morning, and brings such distress.
And then there's mascara, that won't stay on the face
But runs down the cheeks and all over the place.

And disgusting saliva that forms on the lips
And slides down the chin in nasty big drips,
With the sniffling and snuffling and dripping of noses,
Like high powered spray out of firehouse hoses.

Now, you'll probably think that I'm cruel and unkind,
But if you will permit, I must speak my mind -
This is just how I feel, and I say without shame:
If you were a kleenex, you'd feel the same.

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This post has been awarded 19 stars by 5 readers.
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Josiah T.
Oct 24, 2007
You're a kleenex??? Oh boy! I think that someone needs to get you to a mental hospital sometime soon.... :-P
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Oct 24, 2007

Oct 24, 2007
Oh excellent!!! 5 stars! :-)

Um, I might have to agree with Josiah's comment though...
   ~Posted by Katie, Oct 24, 2007

Nov 4, 2007
This is quite excellent! I wondered at first if this would end up being about a therapist, but being a kleenex is so much more original :-) Nice rhythm you've got going on there too.
   ~Posted by Laura, Nov 4, 2007

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