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Jerkules (Mar 22, 2009)
I, snowflake (Dec 23, 2008)
Anxiety 101 (Oct 25, 2008)
Sisyphus #1 (Oct 14, 2008)
Terror from Above (Oct 13, 2008)
For Cervantes (Oct 11, 2008)
Backstepper (Sep 29, 2008)
Platypus Gus (Sep 29, 2008)
Jobs (Sep 5, 2008)
The Amsterdam Avenger (Sep 1, 2008)

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Rabbit Stu 


Sep 1, 2008
Click on the question mark icon in your writing list to edit the details of the piece - that includes the "comment" field where your typo is. :)

Aug 19, 2008
Hi! The riddle is here: Steadfast Mutes

Aug 12, 2008
Yes, it will be fun times. For all eternity!

More info:

Rabbit Stu
Aug 12, 2008
Thank you! I wrote that several months ago, and I still am frustrated by the abduction/production lines, which I feel are the weakest part of the poem. I wanted to give a hint that maybe the narrator was the villain of the story, but I just don't like that phrasing... *sigh*

Aug 7, 2008
Thanks for the comments, clayman. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you'll write!

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